The Church of St. Matthews Chatfield exists through the grace of God, and by the faith and works of its people.

We are called to help one another grow in our knowledge of God, and to recognize the variety of love and the quality of life.

We are especially called to give our young a solid foundation of Christian values so that if they are lost in the world they can find their way home.

We are an Episcopal family through Communion, shared work and fellowship. As such we shall develop priorities that promote and value family life. We will be a family for those who live alone. In this extended family, the young can touch the wisdom of the older members, and they can share the wonders of the young.

We share an ecumenical fellowship with other Christian churches, and are open to developing positive relations with non-Christian religions.

We support the Episcopal Faith Community of Minnesota, and continue to explore the role of the Episcopal Church in the rural and small town settings. We are stewards of the Earth and the rural values that are, by tradition, this nation’s compass.