St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church of Chatfield, Minnesota is a Total Ministry Congregation, the second one in the Episcopal Faith Community of Minnesota to make this commitment.  The Total Ministry concept involves all current and future baptized members of the Body of Christ, who are called by the Holy Spirit and discerned to discover their full use of gifts and skills given to them by God for His glory.

Everyone in the Church has a role and each role is important in the development of the ministry of the Church.  This follows Paul’s writings in lCorinthians 14-26, where not one member of the body is held in more esteem than another, but all play a role in the ministry of Christ.  All people are ministers to the needs of the Church and to their communities while maintaining our Episcopal identity.  Through prayer and reflection, some are recognized as needing specific training in order to fulfill their discerned roles in God’s Plan, but continue to develop as a total ministry team whose mission is service to all people.

St. Matthew’s is on its third generation of Team members.  At present, they are excited to be a part of a joint team with the congregation and total ministry team of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Rushford, Minnesota.  This joint team is known as ” Rooted In The Spirit Total Ministry Team”.